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About us

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ADIPRO Co., Ltd.
Cryptocurrency Exchange / BLOCK CHAIN / ICO / STOCK
As a general consulting event specializing in marketing

Professional consulting and project success
can create the most effective effects in a short period of time
We provide optimized solutions

No matter how great a project you are,
If the marketing is not working properly, the value is 0 won

Through strategic marketing, experts in each field,
maximize your ability

Experience a variety of projects, and
ADIPRO and WIN-WIN create a successful business



We are the marketing special consulting
corporation which has worked large projects
and has the biggest market share among
online marketing corporations in Korea

Goal and Vision


ADIPRO's promise

We will directly communicate with customers
to save the marketing cost without the agency


ADIPRO's promise

We will make customers’ project as one big brand
not just for marketing


ADIPRO's promise

We will do the best to grow customers’ project
brand value by marketing


ADIPRO's promise

We will grow with customers together by
maximizing the ability and growing its value

ADIPRO's promise

We will satisfy customers’ needs with leading
the marketing in the smart era

Brand name : ADIPRO Inc

CEO : Kyoung-Tae Lee
Business License Number : 874-88-01238
Address : Guiturami building 6th floor, Olympic Ro 588 Gangdong-Gu Seoul
Tel : 010-6224-1772 / Fax : 0504-484-6825
Telegram : adipro1772 / Kakao : adipro
E-mail : adipro1772@gmail.com